Table 1

Meeting schedule and details of meeting content

Meeting numberTopicDetailed information provided
1IntroductionEducation session: what is hypertension?, risk factors, chronic nature of disease, ‘know your numbers’, etc to be carried out by a local healthcare provider
2Self-management educationRisk factors and modifiable activities to improve control/management. Importance of medication adherence
3Physical activityIncorporating physical activity into your day, including group physical activity
4Nutrition and dietImportance of salt reduction (including recipes), alcohol reduction, dietary assistance, increased fruit and vegetable consumption (it is especially important for women to be given strategies to save some vegetables and meat for themselves)
5Practical self-managementPractical ways to improve your control/management (medication diary/reminder system, etc). A pharmacist may attend and provide information about drug availability
6Next steps/continuation plansReview, changes made, ongoing difficulties, ongoing group activities