Table 2

Full electronic search strings for search strategy 2: studies that focused on gender differences in alcohol or cannabis use and related harms but did not explicitly conduct age-period-cohort analyses

DatabaseSearch groupSearch terms
EMBASEAlcoholSH: exp alcohol consumption/ OR exp alcoholism/ OR exp alcohol abuse/ OR exp drinking behavior/ OR exp alcohol intoxication/
Cannabis*SH: exp cannabis/ OR exp substance abuse/ OR exp drug abuse/ OR exp drug dependence/OR (marijuana used as a keyword because not mapped to separate MeSH)
PsychINFOAlcoholSH: exp Alcohol Drinking Patterns/
Cannabis*SH: exp cannabis/ OR exp marijuana usage/ OR exp Drug abuse/
MEDLINEAlcoholSH: exp alcohol drinking/ OR exp alcohol-related disorders/
Cannabis*SH: exp cannabis/ OR exp marijuana abuse/ OR exp substance-related disorders/
EMBASE, PsychINFO, MEDLINEGender(((male AND female) OR (men AND women) OR sex OR gender) AND convergence).mp OR ‘gender gap’.mp
  • Search groups were combined as follows: [Alcohol OR Cannabis] AND [Gender].

  • *Cannabis indicators were analysed separately and are reported elsewhere (Chapman et al, under review).