TableĀ 1

Full electronic search strings for search strategy 1: studies that explicitly derived parameter estimates that reflect changes over time in indicators of alcohol and cannabis use and related harms

DatabaseSearch groupSearch terms
EMBASEAlcoholSH: exp alcohol consumption/ OR exp alcoholism/ OR exp alcohol abuse/ OR exp drinking behavior/ OR exp alcohol intoxication/
Cannabis*SH: exp cannabis/ OR exp substance abuse/ OR exp drug abuse/ OR exp drug dependence/ OR (marijuana used as a keyword because not mapped to separate MeSH)
PsychINFOAlcoholSH: exp Alcohol Drinking Patterns/
Cannabis*SH: exp cannabis/ OR exp marijuana usage/ OR exp Drug abuse/
MEDLINEAlcoholSH: exp alcohol drinking/ OR exp alcohol-related disorders/
Cannabis*SH: exp cannabis/ OR exp marijuana abuse/ OR exp substance-related disorders/
EMBASE, PsychINFO, MEDLINECohort Effect((age period and cohort) OR cohort effect OR secular trend OR secular change OR time trend OR cohort trend OR birth cohorts OR younger cohort OR older cohort OR recent cohort OR earlier cohort).mp
  • Search groups were combined as follows: [Alcohol OR Cannabis] AND [Gender].

  • *Cannabis indicators were analysed separately and are reported elsewhere (Chapman et al, under review).