Table 3

By-factor ranking of statements

Factor scores
Factor AFactor B
1. I feel like I have lost all of my strength because of my RA.−1+2
2. I hate seeing other people pick things up that are too heavy for me.0+1
3. I would never say to anyone ‘I can't do that’.0+3
4. I have sometimes been in tears because of my RA.−1−1
5. I get angry because of my RA.−7+6
6. I feel frustrated because of my RA.−2+7
7. I find myself getting resentful, critical or annoyed with other people.−3−3
8. I find myself becoming aggressive towards other people/animals (eg, shouting).−6−3
9. Sometimes I think my life is completely unfair.−4−4
10 I tend to use alcohol to avoid the problems I am facing.−6−6
11. I sometimes feel guilty about the affect my RA has on the people around me (eg, friends/family).−1+5
12. I worry about whether I will be well enough to do things that are important to me (eg, work/holidays).0+3
13. I worry about whether my RA will get any worse.+1+4
14. RA has taken away my independence.−5+2
15. I will ask for help from people when I need to.+3−3
16. I worry more about money now I have RA.−5+1
17. I feel like my body has let me down.−20
18. My body has changed a lot since having RA.+1+3
19. I am careful of what I eat as I don't want to put on weight.+3−2
20. I miss having well-defined muscles.−20
21. Having RA makes me feel less able to be the man I wanted to be.−1+1
22. It's important to me that when I'm out in public, people don't notice that I have RA.−1+1
23. I avoid shaking hands with people.0−4
24. I don't mind having to ask strangers for help when I need it.+1−5
25. I would rather pay someone to do something that I can't do than to ask for a favour.+1+2
26. I know which medication I'm taking for my RA and why I take it.+6+6
27. It's important to me that I have regular RA check-ups with my doctor.+4+4
28. The worst thing about having RA is the pain.+30
29. The worst thing about having RA is the fatigue.+5+4
30. I feel I can call the rheumatology team if I need medication advice.+6+3
31. I feel I can call the rheumatology team if I need emotional support.+2−2
32. My rheumatologist only needs/wants to know how I am physically (not emotionally or psychologically).−2−1
33. I prefer not to talk to my family about my RA.−3−1
34. Other people get frustrated with me not being able to do things.−30
35. When I have a task to do, I am able to pace myself (do a little bit, have a rest and then do a bit more).+4+1
36. I set myself targets to motivate myself to do things.+2+1
37. Keeping active helps me manage my RA symptoms.+5+1
38. I buy different gadgets and tools to make my life easier.+2−2
39. If I need to use a tool/device/gadget to help with my RA I will make it myself.0−5
40. I try to focus on things that are positive in my life.+7+5
41. I sometimes exercise to the point that I know I will regret it later.00
42. I use exercise as a way of releasing anger/frustration due to my RA.−2−2
43. I sometimes drink more alcohol than I should with the medication I take.−5−6
44. I change the day I take my medication when I think that taking it will affect my work or social life.−3−4
45. I sometimes take extra medication without seeking medical advice.−4−5
46. Once I have started a task I will finish it, even if this means pushing my body too far.+2+5
47. I still socialise as much as I used to before having RA.+3−3
48. I talk openly to my friends about my RA.+2−2
49. My friends make jokes or tease me about my RA.−4−3
50. If I can't join in with the activities my friends are doing I would rather stay at home.−1−1
51. I would like the opportunity to talk to/socialise with other men with RA.0−4
52. I tend to find I want to be on my own more than I used to before I had RA.−20
53. It's important to me that I keep myself informed about RA.+3+3
54. The most important thing to me is to keep working despite my RA.+4+2
55. I try not to moan or complain about my RA.+4+4
56. My faith helps me cope with my RA.−1−7
57. I am finding things are becoming increasingly out of my control.−3−1
58. My RA affects my choice of clothes and shoes.0−1
59. I am able to find different ways of doing things I want to, or different activities to replace those I've lost.+5−1
60. There are things that I no longer do or take part in, because if I can't do something properly I would rather not do it at all.+1+2
61. I prioritise pleasurable activities (eg, spending time with friends/family) over work or chores.+20
62. I have discovered new hobbies or activities as a result of having RA.+1−2
63. Since being diagnosed with RA I have lost a lot of confidence.−40
64. Having RA has changed the way I see the world.+1+2
  • Statements highlighted in bold text show that consensus on the average score was reached across the factors reading the table by column shows the comparative ranking of statements that characterise a particular factor. Reading the table by row shows the comparative ranking of a particular statement across factors.

  • RA, rheumatic arthritis.