Table 4

Peer responder evaluation of RISE calls (n=57)

n (%)
AgreeStrongly agree
Process—peer responder training and education
 I felt comfortable listening to the second victim17 (29.8)2 (3.5)
 I felt comfortable responding to the second victim23 (40.4)1 (1.8)
 I need additional training/experience as a peer responder20 (35.1)1 (1.8)
 I am comfortable with my knowledge and skill as a peer responder27 (47.4)18 (31.6)
 I am highly competent as a peer responder31 (54.4)10 (17.5)
 I would be able to train other peer responders31 (54.4)9 (15.8)
Outcomes—peer responder overall experience and recommendations
 I was able to offer the second victim additional helpful resources36 (63.2)12 (21.1)
 I felt confident in offering the second victim additional resources35 (61.4)11 (19.3)
 It was beneficial for the second victim to contact the RISE team27 (47.4)25 (43.9)
 I met the second victim's expectations36 (63.2)14 (24.6)
 I felt satisfied with how this encounter turned out32 (56.1)15 (26.3)
Overall success of the encounterExcellent
38 (66.7)
  • RISE, Resilience In Stressful Events.