Table 1

QRISK2 scores at baseline and after 12 months of follow-up

Control armIntervention arm
Baseline12-month follow-up, adjusted for baselineBaseline12-month follow-up, adjusted for baseline
QRISK2 score for males31.5932.0031.8331.60
QRISK2 score for females27.7328.2427.8627.84
  • The data are presented as levels of QRISK2 as it is the level of risk that determines the probability of events such as stroke or acute myocardial infarction.

  • These data are based on imputed QRISK2 scores—multiply imputed data are used in the base case economic evaluation at 12 months from randomisation.3 These data are based on CVD risk of all of those randomised (n=641) in the RCT. The methods used for multiple imputation are described in further detail in the companion 12-month economic evaluation paper.12