Table 3

Definitions of suicide behaviour exposure/outcome variables

VariableTime frameDatabaseOperation definition/ICD codes
Suicide attempts5 years prior to the birth of the index child
During pregnancy
During the postpartum period
From 1 year after the birth of the child until the end of the study period
Physician claims
Hospital abstracts
A women was considered to have attempted suicide if 5 years prior to the birth of the child she had:
  1. One hospitalisation with a diagnosis for suicide and self-inflicted injury: ICD-9-CM codes E950-E959, ICD-10-CA codes X60-X84; OR

  2. One hospitalisation with a diagnosis code for accidental poisoning:

  3. ICD-9-CM codes 965, 967, 969, 977.9, 986, E850-E854, E858, E862,

  4. E868; ICD-10-CA codes T39, T40,T42.3, T42.4, T42.7,T43, T50.9,

  5. T58, X40-X42, X44, X46, X47, Y10-Y12, Y16, Y17, only if there is a

  6. Physician visit with a diagnosis code for accidental poisoning and a

  7. Psychiatric tariff code either during the hospital stay or within 30 days

  8. Postdischarge. Psychiatric tariff codes are as follows:

  9. From the psychiatric schedule:

  • 8444 Psychotherapy—group of two to four patients

  • 8446 Psychotherapy—group of five or more patients

  • 8472 Child and Youth Management Conference

  • 8475 Psychiatry—Patient Care Family Conference

  • 8476 Psychiatric Social Interview

  • 8503 Complete history and psychiatric examination—adult

  • 8504 Complete history and psychiatric examination—child

  • 8553 Psychiatry Consultation—adult

  • 8554 Psychiatry Consultation—child

  • 8581 Psychotherapy—individual

  • 8584 Psychiatric care—individual

  • 8588 Electroshock therapy

  • 8596 Consultation—Unassigned patient—child

  • From the general schedule:

  • 8580 Psychotherapy—individual

  • 8587 Electroshock therapy

  • 8589 Psychotherapy—group

Suicide completionFrom birth until the end of the study periodVital Statistics Mortality Data A women was considered to have completed suicide if the following ICD codes were used in the ‘cause of death’ field in the Vital Statistics Mortality Data (our definition including accidental poisonings):
  1. Accidental poisoning: ICD-9 codes E850-E854, E858, E862, E868;

  2. ICD-10 codes X40-X42, X46, X47 OR poisoning with undetermined intent: ICD-10 codes Y10-Y12, Y16, Y17 OR

  3. Self-inflicted poisoning: ICD-9 codes E950-E952, ICD-10 codes X60-X69 OR

  4. Self-inflicted injury by hanging, strangulation and suffocation: ICD-9 code E953, ICD-10 code X70 OR

  5. Self-inflicted injury by drowning: ICD-9 code E954, ICD-10 code X71 OR

  6. Self-inflicted injury by firearms and explosives: ICD-9 code E955, ICD-10 codes X72-X75 OR

  7. Self-inflicted injury by smoke, fire, flames, steam, hot vapours and hot objects: ICD-9 codes E958.1, E958.2; ICD-10 codes X76, X77 OR

  8. Self-inflicted injury by cutting and piecing instruments: ICD-9 code E956; ICD-10 codes X78, X79 OR

  9. Self-inflicted injury by jumping from high places: ICD-9 code E957, ICD-10 code X80 OR

  10. Self-inflicted injury by jumping or lying before a moving object: ICD-9 code E958.0, ICD-10 code X81 OR

  11. Self-inflicted injury by crashing of motor vehicle: ICD-9 code E958.5, ICD-10-CA code X82 OR

  12. Self-inflicted injury by other and unspecified means: ICD-9 codes E958.3, E958.4, E958.6-E958.9; ICD-10 codes X83, X84 OR

    late effects of self-inflicted injury: ICD-9 code E959