TableĀ 3

Post-training respondent reflections on FBT programmes

What factor has the single greatest impact on your success in research ethics? (n=168)Respondents
n (%)
FBT110 (66)
Personal motivation24 (14)
Supportive supervisors/leadership12 (7)
Mentoring/advising11 (7)
Other (networking or publication record)11 (7)
Which component of your FBT had the greatest impact on your understanding of research ethics? (n=162)

n (%)
Academic coursework102 (63)
Practicum experience20 (12)
Peer interaction (eg, within cohort)12 (7)
Individual mentorship8 (5)
Off-site/out of country training components8 (5)
Observational experiences6 (4)
Networking opportunities6 (4)
  • FBT, Fogarty bioethics training.