TableĀ 3

Coconstruction of knowledge from researcherā€“participant shared experience

Issues raisedSolutions
Poor awareness of OG cancer
  • Better media campaigns (a media campaign was initiated by NHS England during the course of this study), involvement of celebrities and social media

  • Highlighting symptoms of OG cancer on antacid medication packets akin to health warnings on cigarette packaging

Invasiveness and risks of endoscopy deterring patients presenting to medical services
  • Breath test could triage for endoscopy

  • Improve cost-effectiveness of patient journey

Breath test device design
  • Preference for compact (box like) simplistic breath test over urine

  • Significant number of people not concerned about aesthetic appearance

  • Preference for breath test over urine

Positioning of test: pharmacy versus GP
  • Preference for pharmacy for ease of access and speed in which test can be done

  • Concerns regarding meaning of test result and how it will be explained to patients

  • Hybrid options such as test being undertaken in pharmacy and result explained by GP/hospital doctor at a later date

Delivery of test results and impact on patients
  • Professional delivery of breath test results including quantification, explanation of future expectation will require, excellent communication skills and relevant knowledge

  • Training for all involved will be essential

  • GPs likely to have optimum skill set to achieve this

  • GP, general practitioner; OG, oesophagogastric; NHS, National Health Service.