Table 1

Characteristics of included systematic reviews

Review IDFunding sourceSearch period/end datePerspective reportedPopulations of interestIncluded vaccinesIncluded study designsNo. of relevant studies
Occupational healthEmployerPatient safety
Burls et al13European Scientific Working Group on InfluenzaUntil June 2004Yes (HCWs)YesYesHCW; patients (high risk)AnyAll5
Michiels et al14National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance in BelgiumJanuary 2006 to March 2011Yes (HCWs and healthy adults)YesYesHCW; healthy adults (16–65 years); patients (no further definition)Trivalent inactivatedRCTs and non-RCT10
Ng and Lai12None statedDate of launch to March 2011Yes (HCWs)YesNoHCWAnyRCTs and non-RCTs3
Demicheli et al19None statedDate of launch to May 2013Yes (healthy adults)YesNoHealthy adults (16–65 years)Inactivated parenteralRCTs and quasi-RCTs20
DiazGranados et al15Authors employees of Sanofi PasteurUntil October 2011Yes (healthy adults)NoNoHealthy adults (non-elderly)Inactivated parent, live attenuated intranasal, adjuvant or recombinantRCTs and quasi-RCTs20
Ferroni and Jefferson16None statedDate of launch to March 2011Yes (healthy adults)YesYesPatients (no further definition); healthy adultsAnySRs and RCTs6
Osterholm et al17Alfred P Sloan FoundationJanuary 1967 to February 2011Yes (healthy adults)NoNoHealthy adults (18–46 years)AnyRCTs and observational studies7
Villari et al18Italian Ministry of Health and the Emilia Romagna Regional Health AgencyJanuary 1966 December 2002Yes (healthy adults)NoNoHealthy adults (mainly 16–65 years)AnyRCTs and quasi-RCTs26
Ahmed et al22None statedJanuary 1948 to June 2012NoNoYesPatients in healthcare facilitiesInactivated or live attenuatedRCTs, cohort, case–control studies6
Dolan et al23WHO Global Influenza ProgrammeNot statedNoNoYesPatients (at high risk of respiratory infection)AnyRCTs and observational studies (cross sectional/cohort)16
Thomas et al21None statedDate of launch to March 2013NoNoYesPatients (aged >60 years living in institutions)AnyRCTs and non-RCTs3
  • HCWs, healthcare workers; RCTs, randomised controlled trials; SRs, systematic reviews.