Table 4

Fit statistics and hierarchy of the disability items

Stooping, kneeling or crouchingMobility1.041.00−3.560.02
Climbing several flights of stairs without restingMobility1.020.98−3.360.02
Lifting or carrying weights over 10 pounds/5 kilos, like a heavy bag of groceriesMobility0.990.96−2.570.02
Getting up from a chair after sitting for long periodsMobility1.081.10−2.240.02
Pulling or pushing large objects like a living room chairMobility0.970.91−1.660.02
Climbing 1 flight of stairs without restingMobility1.020.98−1.220.02
Sitting for about 2 hoursMobility1.381.76−1.070.03
Walking 100 mMobility0.930.84−1.050.03
Doing work around the house or gardenIADL0.890.74−1.040.03
Reaching or extending your arms above shoulder levelMobility1.211.44−0.780.03
Dressing, including putting on shoes and socksADL0.990.78−0.210.03
Using a map to figure out how to get around in a strange placeIADL1.
Shopping for groceriesIADL0.800.430.230.03
Bathing or showeringADL0.790.410.460.04
Getting into or out of bedADL0.950.450.970.04
Managing money, such as paying bills and keeping track of expensesIADL1.000.501.230.04
Picking up a small coin from a tableMobility1.190.691.310.04
Preparing a hot mealIADL0.810.291.410.05
Using the toilet, including getting up or downADL0.830.212.060.06
Walking across a roomADL0.820.172.210.06
Making telephone callsIADL0.930.202.830.07
Eating, such as cutting up your foodADL0.930.202.960.08
Taking medicationsIADL0.900.173.060.08
  • Item difficulty, items ordered according to the expected hierarchy of difficulty from the easiest to endorse (stopping, kneeling or crouching=−3.56) to the most difficult (taking medications=3.06 logits).

  • ADL, activities of daily living; IADL, instrumental activities of daily living; MnSq, mean square residual.