Table 2

Prevalence of NAFLD, T2DM and obesity according to the tertiles of sitting time (hour/day)

Tertiles of sitting time (hours/day)
2.2–5.05.0–6.9>7.1χ2p trend
T2DM50 (7.4%)60 (8.7%)85 (12.5%)7.735<0.001
Obesity21 (3.2%)42 (6.1%)64 (9.4%)3.1070.029
NAFLD43 (6.4%)54 (7.8%)75 (11.1%)5.1190.003
  • Data were presented as proportions (%). NAFLD was diagnosed using the FLI. χ2, χ2 test was used to compare the difference among groups. p trend, linear-by-linear association of χ2 test was used for trend test.

  • FLI, fatty liver index; NAFLD, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease; T2DM, type 2 diabetes mellitus.