Table 2

PICO criteria for including studies

PopulationAny individual (adult or child). This includes patients, the public and health professionals who would be aware of the experiences of these stakeholder groups.
InterventionAny health intervention delivered by a digital technology (hypothetical or in development, simulated or real world) which takes information from people or provides some form of advice or feedback about their health. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • web-based interventions on PCs or mobile platforms,

  • mobile health applications or apps,

  • patient portals or personal health records,

  • interventions delivered by SMS or IVR.

OutcomeQualitative data on the factors (barriers and facilitators) to engagement and recruitment. Qualitative data on engagement and enrolment strategies.
Study typeOriginal qualitative studies, studies involving secondary analysis of qualitative data or qualitative studies that are part of a mixed-methods study. The study must have direct contact with individuals or direct observation using any form of qualitative method.
SettingAny ‘usual’ setting (hypothetical or in development, simulated or real world) such as primary, secondary or tertiary care, the home or workplace.
Timing or phase of implementationEngagement or recruitment phase only.
  • IVR, interactive voice recognition; PC, personal computer; PICO, population, intervention, control and outcome; SMS, short message service.