Table 4

Organisational characteristics and Impact of Event Scale score: descriptive findings and findings from repeated measures analyses

Multiple model for organisational characteristics
 IES scoreMain effectX time
 nThenNowMeanEstimate (SE)p ValueEstimate (SE)p Value
Support team/protocol
Support team available
 Yes231 (=11 org.)18.339.2613.80
Protocol or guideline available
 Yes294 (=14 org.)18.248.8613.55
Culture of support and respect
 High28015.587.0211.30−3.98 (1.23)0.00120.78 (0.96)0.4167
Learning culture
Blame culture
 High33321.3711.3416.353.39 (1.16)0.0036−0.89 (0.91)0.3257
Support received
Information concerning what happened
 Not applicable1088.875.947.41
 Partly15424.7311.9018.32−1.93 (2.23)0.3876−0.47 (1.77)0.7890
 Yes45017.748.4813.11−6.16 (2.05)0.00271.65 (1.62)0.3088
Information concerning what to do
 Not applicable13410.515.728.12
 Partly15522.6711.0316.85−2.10 (1.93)0.27780.33 (1.53)0.8296
 Yes38017.888.8413.36−4.77 (1.77)0.00722.42 (1.40)0.0841
Extra guidance at the workplace
 Not applicable41814.806.8210.81
 Partly8025.2813.2019.24−1.52 (2.25)0.49770.28 (1.79)0.8761
 Yes9317.7810.0013.89−4.61 (2.22)0.03872.06 (1.76)0.2438
  • *A support team, protocol or guideline and learning culture were not statistical significant on psychological impact and/or recovery and therefore not included in the multiple model.

  • †Low is score ≤median; high is score >median.

  • IES, Impact of Event Scale; org, organisation.