Table 5

Applicants agreeing or strongly agreeing with survey statements

Survey statementsNumber (%) ‘agreed’ or ‘strongly agreed’
I felt better prepared prior to attending the REC meeting39/51 (76)
I felt more able to answer the questions from the REC28/51 (55)
I needed to do further work following my conversation with the ethics officer13/51 (25)
Any further work I did was a waste of time4/51 (8)
The advice given by the ethics officer was useful42/51 (82)
The advice given by the ethics officer was not useful0/51 (0)
My involvement in the ethics officer pilot was tiresome1/51 (2)
I'm glad I took part in the pilot35/51 (69)
I believe the work conducted by the ethics officer was beneficial to me39/51 (76)
If given the option again in the future, I would choose to take part in the pilot39/51 (76)
In hindsight, I wish I had chosen to not participate in the pilot0/51 (0)
I received a more favourable decision because of the help given by the ethics officer14/51 (27)
  • REC, research ethics committee.