Table 3

Types of dementia career enablers, with specific UK examples. Adapted from Marjanovic et al.10

Dementia career enablersExamples of existing support mechanisms cited by interviewees
Doctoral training support
  • Alzheimer's Society Doctoral Training Centres

  • Alzheimer's Society PhD studentships

  • Alzheimer's Research UK PhD studentships

Midcareer support
  • British Society of Gerontology Emerging Researchers in Ageing Scheme

  • Dementia-specific fellowships, eg, Alzheimer's Research UK fellowships, Alzheimer's Society Future Leaders’ Programme

  • Fellowships that enable the fellow to gain international experience

  • Parkinson's Disease UK fellowships

Support for clinicians to engage in research
  • Alzheimer's Society clinical fellowships

  • Motor Neurone Disease Association/Medical Research Council clinical fellowships

  • Guarantors of Brain charity support for clinicians to begin research

Support for multidisciplinary, collaborative research
  • Academic-NHS collaborations (eg, National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Biomedical Research Units and Centres with dementia as a priority area, NIHR CLAHRCs* Research Capacity in Dementia Care training programme)

  • Dedicated institutes, and centres for research and drug discovery (eg, existing centres at Bradford, Cardiff, Newcastle and Oxford Universities and University College London)

  • Funding for collaborative research between dementia and non-dementia researchers (eg, ARUK Interdisciplinary Research Grants)

  • NIHR Dementia Translational Research Collaboration

  • Public-private partnerships (eg, DPUK)

  • *Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research.