TableĀ 3

Assessment by the CI about the extent of participants' motivation to assist with sample collection

Number of participants (%)
Level of motivation of participants to assist with sample collectionStudy group (n=98)Comparison group (n=38)
Excellent*21 (21)8 (21)
Good/very good64 (65)24 (63)
Average11 (11)6 (16)
Not good2 (2)0
  • Good/very good: informed the CI before the antenatal blood sampling and/or collected and preserved the meconium sample(s) spontaneously or with the help of a midwife.

  • Average: supported the midwives in sample collection but they did not do anything proactively.

  • Not good: midwife provided a container for the collection of meconium, but participants failed to collect it. The CI collected a second meconium sample later.

  • *Excellent: informed the CI (by sending text messages) before or after the collection of all biomatrices.

  • CI, chief investigator.