Table 2

Import of and revenue from tobacco products in the Gambia, 2012–2014

Import (′000 kg)1120.81623.33550.81
 Other tobacco products71.8625.3910.45
CIF value of import (million GMD)141.88145.04158.83
 Other tobacco products5.213.376.79
Excise revenue (million GMD)89.90169.97261.82
 Other tobacco products1.283.064.13
Import duty (million GMD)27.8728.5431.45
 Other tobacco products0.780.651.10
Import sales tax/VAT (million GMD)24.9651.1967.76
 Other tobacco products0.721.051.79
Environmental tax (million GMD)9.546.6261.21
 Other tobacco products4.041.650.92
Customs processing fee (million GMD)
 Other tobacco products0.080.050.11
ECOWAS levy (million GMD)0.711.451.59
 Other tobacco products0.030.030.07
Total revenue (million GMD)155.18260.02426.30
 Other tobacco products6.926.498.11
Total revenue (million US$)4.957.8412.33
 Other tobacco products0.220.200.23
  • GMD stands for Gambian Dalasi, the local currency unit in the Gambia. The official exchange rates are US$1=GMD33.34 for 2012, US$1=GMD33.15 for 2013 and US$1=GMD34.57 for 2014.

  • Source: Gambia Revenue Authority, Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs, The Gambia.