Table 1

Definitions of reliability and validity in the context of record review

TermsDefinition (expressed by)Comments relevant to record review
Inter-rater reliability18Measures consensus in the scores when different raters using the same measurement instrument in the same group of patients. Mostly expressed as a reliability measure (κ), or % agreementTwo independent reviewers assess patient records without discussion between the reviewers during the review process
Face validity18The degree to which the content of an instrument is an adequate reflection of the construct to be measured (descriptive, expert opinion) 
Concurrent validity19The extent to which scores on a new measure are related to scores from a criterion measure administered at the same time (Se, Sp, PPV and NPV)Clinical data registries, autopsy or direct observations of patient care have the potential to be a criterion measure for record review
  • NPV, negative predictive value; PPV, positive predictive value; Se, sensitivity; Sp, specificity;