Table 4

The reviewer experience, reviewer training and the prevalence of AEs in the three groups of reviewers

 Max 5 reviewers>5–20 reviewers>20 reviewers
Median* (IQR)Min–MaxMedian* (IQR)Min–MaxMedian* (IQR)Min–Maxp Value†
Reviewer experience (records/reviewer)213 (60–1138)50–404395 (39–317)38–591129 (109–616)78–6750.351
Training hours6 (0–6)0–1216 (5–20)2–248 (3–10)2–160.317
Mean* (SD)Min–MaxMean* (SD)Min–MaxMean* (SD)Min–Maxp Value‡
Prevalence AEs (%)17.1 (7.8)7.2–2713.5 (4.0)7.5–2112.7 (8.5)2.9–25.10.480
  • *Unweighted statistics for reviewer experience, training and prevalence rate.

  • †p Values are obtained by the non-parametric Kruskal-Wallis test.

  • ‡p Value is obtained with an ANOVA.

  • AEs, adverse events; Min, minimum; Max, maximum.