Table 1

Means and ranges of participant clinical characteristics

QuestionnaireScore interpretation guidanceMean, range
Beck Scale for Suicide Ideation30Higher scores indicate greater levels of suicidal ideation, possible score range 0–38.8.5, 0–24
Sleep Condition Indicator31≤16 indicates possible insomnia disorder, as per diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders V diagnostic criteria, possible score range 0–32.13.8, 4–32
The Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index32>5 indicates poor sleep quality, maximum score=21.9.9, 1–17.5
Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test-1033>7 indicates possible hazardous and harmful alcohol use, maximum score=40.6.8, 0–39
Beck Depression Inventory-II34Higher scores indicate greater severity of depression, possible score range 0–63.23.0, 0–51
State-Trait Anxiety Inventory-Trait portion35Higher scores indicate greater levels of anxiety, possible score range 20–80.55.3, 34–75
Brief Sleep Screen36Assessment of symptoms present in other sleep disorders such as narcolepsy, sleep breathing disorder, periodic limb movement in sleep/ restless leg syndrome, circadian rhythm sleep disorder and parasomnia.NA
  • NA, not applicable.