TableĀ 1

Number of overdose/poisoning codes assigned in the call centre and NANFP or treated with naloxone assigned on PCR forms

Call centre subcategory codeDescriptionNumber of call centre callsNumber of NANFP attendances from PCR (% of NFP call centre codes)
23D01Unconscious477158 (33.1)
23D02Severe respiratory distress102 (0.2)
23C01Violent497200 (40.2)
23C02Not alert675176 (26.1)
23C03Abnormal breathing29969 (23.1)
23C04Antidepressants12152 (43.0)
23C05Cocaine or derivative75 (71.4)
23C06Heroin266 (23.1)
23C07Acid or alkali32 (66.7)
23C08Third party caller831203 (24.4)
23C09Poison control70
23B01Overdose without priority symptoms797337 (42.3)
23O01Poisoning without priority symptoms17321 (12.1)
23 other56
  • NANFP, non-accidental non-fatal poisoning; NFP, non-fatal poisoning; PCR, patient clinical record.