TableĀ 1

Draft categorisation of impacts, developed from the existing literature

CategoryKnowledge production and research targetingCapacity buildingInnovative and economic impactHealth and health sector benefitPolicy and public services (other than health)Public engagement, dissemination, culture and creativity
Types of impacts and measures of those impacts included in this categoryVolume and quality measures
Future funding
Esteem measures
Number and quality of researchers trained
Collaboration and networking
Wider participation in research
New products and process developed
New businesses (spinouts)
Benefits to companies
Job creation, workforce development and increased economic competitiveness
Impact on guidelines/policy/professional training or development in health
Impact on practice including saving NHS money
Impact on health and well-being
Changes to policy outside of health
Improvements in the delivery of public services (outside of health)
Benefits to public well-being and society more widely
Number and range of dissemination and outreach activities
Increased public understanding of and engagement with science
  • NHS, National Health Service.