TableĀ 3

Hazards identified by the Home Falls and Accidents Screening Tool (HOME FAST) (N=26)

HazardsN (%)
No access to grab rails in bath11 (42.3)
No slip resistant mats in the bath or shower10 (38.5)
Improper footwear7 (26.9)
Slippery floor surfaces6 (23.1)
Hazardous pets5 (19.2)
Unsecured loose mats4 (15.4)
Poor lighting3 (11.5)
Difficulty with shower mobility2 (7.7)
Cluttered walkways2 (7.7)
No access to bedside light2 (7.7)
Difficult to identify stairways/steps edge2 (7.7)
Inadequate stairs grab rail2 (7.7)
Difficulty using stairs1 (3.8)
Difficulty reaching items in kitchen1 (3.8)
Difficulty with bath mobility1 (3.8)
Difficulty with bed transfers1 (3.8)