TableĀ 1

The HOME FAST items

1Are walkways free of cords and other clutter?
2Are floor coverings in good condition?
3Are floor surfaces non-slippery?
4Are loose mats securely fixed to the floor?
5Can the person get in and out of bed easily and safely?
6Can the person get up from their lounge chair easily?
7Are all the lights bright enough for the person to see clearly?
8Can the person switch a light on easily from their bed?
9Are the outside paths, steps and entrances well lit at night?
10Is the person able to get on and off the toilet easily and safely?
11Is the person able to get in and out of the bath easily and safely?
12Is the person able to walk in and out of the shower recess easily and safely?
13Is there an accessible/sturdy grab rail/s in the shower or beside the bath?
14Are slip resistant mats/strips used in the bath/bathroom/shower recess?
15Is the toilet in close proximity to the bedroom?
16Can the person easily reach items in the kitchen that are used regularly without climbing, bending or upsetting his or her balance?
17Can the person carry meals easily and safely from the kitchen to the dining area?
18Do the indoor steps/stairs have an accessible/sturdy grab rail extending along the full length of the steps/stairs?
19Can the person easily and safely go up and down the steps/stairs inside or outside the house?
20Are the edges of the steps/stairs (inside and outside the house) easily identified?
21Can the person use the entrance door/s safely and easily?
22Are paths around the house in good repair, and free of clutter?
23Is the person currently wearing well-fitting slippers or shoes?
24If there are pets, can the person care for them without bending or being at risk of falling over?
  • HOME FAST, Home Falls and Accidents Screening Tool; NA, not applicable.