TableĀ 1

IDSHL indicator framework and domains

DomainsInterpreting indicators
(1) Infectious disease-related knowledge and valuesAwareness of the harmfulness and seriousness of infectious diseases
Sense of self-efficacy for infectious disease prevention and control
Sense of responsibility and health morality
Basic concept of infectious disease
(2) Infectious disease preventionAt-risk groups
Rational decision-making skills
Disinfection, sterilisation, insecticidal skills
Self-protection skills against infectious disease
Personal hygienic behaviour
Related policies and laws
Physical exercise
Nutrition and food hygiene
(3) Management or treatment of infectious diseasesCommon syndrome and symptoms
Health service use
(4) Identification of pathogens and infection sourcesSource of infection
Classification of pathogens
(5) Transmission of infectious diseasesCommon transmission ways
Factors influencing transmission
Cognitive abilityAbility to access health information
Understanding of infectious disease-related information
Capacity to use health information
  • IDSHL, infectious disease-specific health literacy.