Table 3

Rotated component matrix of principal components factor analysis

Q10 The cooked poultry died of diseases is completely safe.0.676
Q11 A person infected with HIV can be identified from the outside.0.555
Q12 The young is impossible to be infected with TB for their good health.0.707
Q13 Dogs do not often go out and bite and do not need to give the pet an injection.0.701
Q15 Migration movement is the basic right of patients with infectious disease.0.645
Q19 Catering workers should be legally certificated by the local health authority.0.410
Q22 Polio could be prevented by vaccination.0.545
Q24 The typical symptom of hand-foot-and-mouth disease is the rash.0.552
Q25 The young adults are susceptible to hand-foot-and-mouth disease.0.609
Q29 It is unnecessary to be vaccinated for being slightly bitten by a dog.0.531
Q30 One who is pierced by a nail should be injected with tetanus vaccine.0.567
Q31 Stagnant water in outdoor containers or small puddles are mosquito breeding grounds.0.508
Q18 H1N1 is a drug to treat the infectious disease.0.720
Q21 Infested water refers to the water of endemic area.0.598
Q23 HIV refers to a kind of parasite.0.647
Q26 Vaccine refers to a kind of antibiotics.0.424
Q3 Patients with hepatitis B should take antibiotics all the time.0.742
Q4 For good taste mutton are edible as long as its colour turning light in the boiled water.0.656
Q7 TB is cured if there is no cough, sputum and fever after 2 weeks treatment.0.443
Q16 Caught with influenza, one should take antibiotics or injections as soon as possible.0.567
Q6 Hepatitis B can be transmitted through sexual behaviour.0.826
Q28 Sharing a toothbrush could spread the hepatitis B virus.0.550
Initial eigenvalues5.3431.4941.2621.0781.003
Per cent of variance explained24.2846.7905.7374.9054.557
  • Extraction method: principal component analysis.

  • Rotation method: varimax with Kaiser normalisation.

  • TB, tuberculosis.