Table 1

Characteristics of participating nursing staff and patients

PreinterventionPostinterventionp Value
Total number of nursing staff2020
Number of female nursing staff (percentage of all nursing staff)18 (90)19 (95)0.548*
Number of nursing assistants (percentage of all nursing staff)19 (95)18 (90)0.548*
Total number of patients164150
Number of female patients (percentage of all patients)106 (64.6)99 (66.0)0.800*
Mean age of patients81.781.50.893†
Nursing home A—number of patients (percentage of all patients)40 (24.4)37 (24.7)0.667*
Nursing home B—number of patients (percentage of all patients)63 (38.4)64 (42.7)
Nursing home C—number of patients (percentage of all patients)61 (37.2)49 (32.7)
Mean number of observed oral solid medications per patient/observed drug round4.154.240.761†
  • 2 test.

  • SStudent's t-test.