Table 1

Characteristics of included studies

SourceStudy designSettingPrincipal health problemOther concerned health problemsInclusion criteria
Müller et al19RCTHospitalEdentateNone75 years or older with ability to feed oneself
Hamdan et al21RCTHospitalEdentateNone65 years or older and edentate for a minimum of 5 years
Awad et al13RCTHospitalEdentateNone65 years or older and edentate for a minimum of 5 years
Gjengedal et al12RCTHospitalEdentateNoneWearers of complete dentures aged 76 years or less
Morais et al15RCTHospitalEdentateNoneHistory of edentulism for 5 years aged 65–75 years old
Hamada et al23RCTHospitalEdentateDiabetes50 years or older with acceptable metabolic control of diabetes for 5 years
Muller et al22Prospective cohortHospitalEdentateNoneEdentulous patients aged 35–65 years
Sebring et al27Prospective cohortHospitalEdentateNoneProvided with dentures for a minimum of 1 year
  • RCT, randomised control trial.