Table 4

Binary logistic regression examining factors associated with job satisfaction

 Bp ValueOR95% CI
Occupation (reference: Physician)
 Public health staff0.
Educational background (reference: Lower than junior college)
 Junior college−
Professional status (reference: Lower than primary)
 Senior/deputy senior−0.56<0.010.570.410.78
Years of service (reference: ≥20)
Annual income(RMB) (reference: ≥80 000)
 10 000–19 999−1.11<0.010.330.250.45
 20 000–39 999−0.75<0.010.470.380.58
 40 000–59 999−0.46<0.010.630.520.77
 60 000–79 999−0.35<0.010.710.570.87
Night shift frequency (per month) (reference: 0–4)
Work stress
 Feel a high level of tension from work0.22<
 Feel nervous because of work−0.21<0.010.820.770.86
Work–family Conflict
 Problem-solving behaviours make no sense at home−0.21<0.010.810.750.87
 Drain prevents me from contribution to family−0.14<0.010.870.810.93
Doctor–patient relationship
 Degree to which patients respect physicians−0.25<0.010.780.710.86
 Degree to which the society respects the career of physicians−0.19<0.010.820.760.89
 Degree of trust in services provided by physicians−0.18<0.010.830.760.92
 Recent doctor–patient relationship−0.30<0.010.750.690.81