Table 1

Factor loading of items using the exploratory factor analysis and Cronbach's α of difference dimensions

ItemsJob satisfactionWork stressWork–family conflictDoctor–patient relationship
The work itself0.745
Current job0.846
Feel great pressure from work0.846
Feel a high level of tension from work0.866
Trouble falling asleep because of work0.856
Feel nervous because of work0.858
Work keeps me from family activities0.792
Time I devote to job keeps me from participating in household activities0.832
Miss family activities due to work0.840
Problem-solving behaviours make no sense at home0.754
Behaviour that is effective and necessary at work would be counterproductive at home0.687
Behaviours that make me effective at work do not help me to be a better parent or spouse0.768
Too frazzled to participate in family activities0.841
Drain prevents me from contribution to family0.859
Owing to the pressures from work, I do not want to do favourite things at home0.799
Degree to which patients respect physicians0.808
Degree to which the society respects the career of physicians0.791
Degree of trust in services provided by physicians0.779
Recent doctor–patient relationship0.775
Cronbach's α0.8820.8750.9290.793
  • AVE, average variance extracted.