Table 2

Distribution of domain-specific problems (per 1000 population) among respondents aged ≥11 years (n=28 818)

DomainNot at all (score=0)Just a little (score=1)Moderate level (score=2)Lot of difficulty (score=3)Unbearable (score=4)
1. Activity limitation due to health problems
 Daily activity922.062.911.02.22.0
 Weak or loss of body part912.869.413.23.61.1
2. Body function (last 30 days)
 Body pain/discomfort772.4215.810.11.40.3
 Hand function990.
3. Getting around (last 30 days)
 Standing (at least 30 min)908.676.
 Sitting to standing859.6128.
 Moving inside home983.
 Security outside home981.
 Walking equivalent to 1 km900.383.
4. Self-care (last 30 days)
 Independent living979.711.
5. Understanding and communicating (last 30 days)
 Concentration at work for 10 min989.
 Memory loss for important things969.725.
6. Getting along with people (last 30 days)
 Dealing with unknown person986.
 Dealing with close person992.