Domain 1: activity limitation due to health problemsDifficulties/clarifications/ examples
 Visual problemSeeing or recognising an object at arm's length or difficulty in seeing or recognising any known person across the road, even while wearing glasses
 Hearing problemHearing what is said in conversation with one other person in a quiet room, even while wearing hearing aids
 Problem with walking and climbingWalking, climbing stairs or generally climbing up
 Problem in memory/concentrationRemembering or concentrating on something
 Problem in self-careSelf-care such as washing face and hands, bathing and other hygiene maintenance activities
 Problem in performing activities of daily livingCompleting necessary day-to-day activities such as: cleaning, cooking, home maintenance, shopping
 Having any impairmentsExistence of weakness of any body parts or loss of body parts or deformity or paralysis
 Problem with communicationCommunicating (eg, understanding or being understood by others)
Domain 2: body functions
 Having pain/discomfortDiscomfort, pains or aches in any part of the body
 Hand functionUsing hands and fingers—eg, to pick up objects, open containers
Domain 3: getting around
 Problem in standingStanding for long periods such as 30 min or more
 Sitting to standingChanging position from sitting to standing
 Moving inside homeMoving around and inside the home
 Security outside homeFeeling insecure while outside of home
 Walking long distancesWalking a long distance such as 1 km (or equivalent)
Domain 4: self-care
 ShoweringBathing or washing whole body
 DressingGetting dressed
 EatingEating or feeding oneself
 Independent livingLiving for a few days without another's assistance
Domain 5: understanding and communicating
 Concentration at workConcentrating on doing something for 10 min or more
 Memory lossForgetting to do important things
Domain 6: getting along with people
 Dealing with unknown personDealing with unknown people
 Dealing with close personGetting along with people who are close