Table 1

Descriptive statistics of study sample

Male (n=7771)Female (n=9920)
 White and Asian4.51%4.11%
 Mixed race12.56%12.63%
Either parent's highest education
 Primary or less (including no education)55.72%59.49%
 Incomplete secondary school27.85%25.96%
 Complete secondary school (grade 12)9.72%8.57%
 Tertiary (including incomplete tertiary)6.72%5.99%
Mother died before age 155.44%5.54%
Ever-smoker (ie, current smoker or former smoker)39.09%10.22%
Mean age of initiation18.17 (SD 4.08)18.33 (SD 4.87)
Mean age of full sample (range 15–48 years)27.24 (SD 9.78)28.67 (SD 10.06)
Either parent ever a smoker (males n=1732, females n=1986)61.20%61.83%
Average real price of a pack of 20 cigarettes in rands (1970–2012) (constant 2010 price)R10.92 (SD 4.72)
US$1.49 (SD 0.64) using 2010 exchange rates
  • Source: National Income Dynamics Study.