Table 2

Prevalence of use and reasons for feeding hospitalised neonates with EHF

n (%)
Infants hospitalised on the day of the questionnaire filling (n)1969
Infants receiving an EHF, n (% of hospitalised infants)238 (12.1%)
Reasons for feeding neonates with EHF
Initiation of feeds
 After NEC stage II or III25 (10.5%)
 After perinatal asphyxia8 (3.3%)
 After any kind of surgery4 (1.7%)
Shortage of human milk
 Feeding initiation of preterm infants in the absence of human milk63 (26.5%)
 Complementary feeding of breastfed neonates84 (35.3%)
 Allergy prevention in high-risk neonates2 (0.8%)
 Gastrointestinal symptoms (compatible or not with cow's milk protein allergy)31 (13.0%)
 Others (research protocol, hypoglycaemia, cholestasis, metabolic disease, etc, no reasons indicated)21 (8.8%)
  • EHF, extensively hydrolysed formula of cow's milk proteins; NEC, necrotising enterocolitis.