Table 1

Description of well-being tools and the themes that their dimensions reflect

(Diagram reference number) Instrument full nameAcronymFirst publishedMost
recent revision
Number of items*Themes of well-being
Global well-beingMental well-beingSocial well-beingPhysical well-beingSpiritual well-beingActivities and functioningPersonal circumstances
 1. 15D15D198119893415
 2. Affect Balance ScaleABS196919693510
 3. Affectometer 2A2197919833620
 4. Anamnestic Comparative Self-AssessmentACSA20062006371
 5. Arizona Integrative Outcomes ScaleAIOS20042004381
 6. Assessment of Quality Of LifeAQOL199919993915
 7. Authentic Happiness IndexAHI200520054020
 8. Basic Psychological Needs ScaleBPNS200320034121
 9. BBC Subjective Well-Being ScaleBBC-SWB201120134224
10. Beck Depression Index-2BDI-2196119964321
11. Biopsychosocialspiritual InventoryBIOPSSI200720074441
12. Cantril Self-Anchoring Striving ScaleCL19651965451
13. CASP-19 (Control, Autonomy, Self-realisation and Pleasure)C19200320034619
14. Centre for Epidemiological Studies Depression scale-RevisedCESD-R197720114720
15. Chinese Happiness InventoryCHI199719974848
16. Depression-Happiness Scale-ShortDHS-S199320044925
17. Emotional Well-Being ScaleEWBS201120115013
18. EUROQOL-5D-5LEQ-5D-5L19902011515
19. EURO-DEURO-D199919995212
20. EUROHIS-QOLE-QOL19982003538
21. Flourishing ScaleFS20102010148
22. Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy-General Population†FACT-GP199320055421
23. Functional Well-Being ScaleFWBS201520155510
24. General Health QuestionnaireGHQ12197819885612
25. Goteborg Quality of Life InstrumentGQLI196719905715
26. Happiness MeasuresHM19661973582
27. Health and Well-Being assessmentHWB200520055920
28. Health Utilities Index-3HUI-319961998608
29. Herth Hope IndexHHI199119926112
30. Hospital Anxiety and Depression ScaleHADS198319836214
31. ICECAP-AICECAP-A20122012635
32. ICECAP-OICECAP-O20082008645
33. ICOPPE (Interpersonal, Community, Occupational, Physical, Psychological, and Economic well-being)ICOPPE201520152621
34. InCharge Financial Distress/Well-Being ScaleIFDFWS20062006658
35. Inventory of Positive Psychological AttitudesIPPA199119916632
36. Jarel Spiritual Well-Being ScaleJSWBS199619966721
37. Kellner's Symptom QuestionnaireKSQ198719876892
38. Life Orientation Test-RevisedLOT-R198519946910
39. Life Satisfaction Index-ALSI-A196119617020
40. Life Satisfaction Questionnaire-9LISAT919911991719
41. Meaning in Life QuestionnaireMLQ200620067210
42. Measure Yourself Concerns and WellbeingMYCAW19962007733
43. Memorial University of Newfoundland Scale of HappinessMUNSH198019807424
44. Mental Health Continuum-Short FormMHC-SF200220057514
45. Mental Health Inventory-5MHI519831988765
46. Mental Physical Spiritual Well-Being ScaleMPS199519957730
47. Mood and Anxiety Symptoms Questionnaire-30MASQ-D30199120107830
48. Multicultural Quality of Life IndexMQLI201120117910
49. Multidimensional Personality Questionnaire-BriefMPQ1982200280155
50. Multiple Affect Adjective Check List-RevisedMAACL-R1965198381132
51. Nottingham Health ProfileNHP197519858245
52. Older Adult Health and Mood QuestionnaireOAHMQ199519958322
53. Ontological Well-Being ScaleOWBS201320138424
54. Orientations To HappinessOTH200520058518
55. Oxford Happiness QuestionnaireOHQ198920028629
56. Perceived Wellness SurveyPWS199719978736
57. Personal Growth Initiative ScalePGIS19981998889
58. Personal Wellbeing Index-AdultPWI-A19942013897
59. Philadelphia Geriatric Centre Morale ScalePGCMS197219759017
60. Physical, Mental and Social Well-Being ScalePMSW-21201420149121
61. Positive and Negative Affect ScalePANAS198819889212
62. Positive Functioning InventoryPFI-12201420141512
63. Positive Mental Health instrumentPMH201120119347
64. Profile Of Mood States-ShortPOMS2197119839437
65. Psychological General Well-Being IndexPGWB-S19702006956
66. Public Health Surveillance Well-Being ScalePHS-WB201220121610
67. Purpose in Life Test-Short FormPIL-SF196420119620
68. Quality of Life Index-GenericQOLI-G198519859766
69. Quality of Life InventoryQOLI198819889817
70. Quality of Well-Being Self-AdministeredQWB-SA197019979910
71. Questionnaire for Eudaimonic Well-BeingQEWB2010201010021
72. Questions on Life SatisfactionQOLS1988200010116
73. Rosenberg Self-Esteem ScaleRSES1965196510210
74. Ryff's Scales of Psychological Well-BeingPWB1989199510354
75. Salutogenic Health Indicator ScaleSHIS2009200910412
76. Satisfaction With Life ScaleSWLS198519851055
77. Scale of Positive And Negative ExperienceSPANE201020101412
78. Self-Evaluated Quality Of Life QuestionnaireSEQOL20032003106317
79. Serenity Scale-BriefSS-B1993200910722
80. Short form 36SF-36v219881996 (JE Ware, M Kosinski, JE Dewey. How to score version 2 of the SF-36 health survey (standard & acute forms): Quality Metric Incorporated, 2000)36
81. Snaith-Hamilton Pleasure ScaleSHAPS1995199510814
82. Social Production Function-ILSPF-IL2005200510958
83. Social Well-being ScaleSWS1998199811050
84. Spiritual Well-Being ScaleSP-WB-S1982198211120
85. Spirituality Index of Well-BeingSIWB2004200411212
86. State Anxiety InventorySAI197019921136
87. State-Trait Cheerfulness InventorySTCI1996199611430
88. Steinhauser Spiritual Concern ProbeSSCP200620061151
89. Subjective Happiness ScaleSHS199919991164
90. Subjective Vitality ScaleSVS199719971177
91. Temporal Satisfaction With Life ScaleTSWLS1985199811815
92. The Spiritual Well-Being QuestionnaireSP-WB-Q2003200311920
93. The Spirituality ScaleSS2005200512023
94. Valued Living QuestionnaireVLQ1999201012120
95. Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Well-Being Scale-ShortWEMWBS198320091227
96. Well-Being Picture ScaleWPS1979200512310
97. WHO-5WHO5198219981245
98. WHO-Brief Spiritual, Religious and Personal BeliefsWHO-QBF1995201312534
99. Zung Self Rating Depression ScaleZSDS1965196512620
  • *Items refer to questions.

  • †This tool was developed for cancer therapy, but this is a generic version.