TableĀ 2

Descriptions of the themes identified and the reoccurring dimensions within them

ThemesTheme description
Dimensions linked to the theme of mental well-being assess the psychological, cognitive and emotional quality of a person's life. This includes the thoughts and feelings that individuals have about the state of their life, and a person's experience of happiness.
Social well-being concerns how well an individual is connected to others in their local and wider social community. This includes social interactions, the depth of key relationships and the availability of social support.
Activities and functioningThe focus of this theme is the behaviour and activities that characterise daily life. This involves the specific activities we fill our time with, and our ability to undertake these tasks.
Physical well-being refers to the quality and performance of bodily functioning. This includes having the energy to live well, the capacity to sense the external environment and our experiences of pain and comfort.
Spiritual well-being is concerned with meaning, a connection to something greater than oneself and in some cases faith in a higher power.
Personal circumstancesThese dimensions are related to the conditions and external pressures that an individual faces. This involves numerous environmental and socioeconomic concerns such as financial security.