Table 4

Doctor's suggestions to improve the system: themes

Main themesN doctors (/93)Example quote
1. Greater transparency, neutrality and a more time-efficient procedure41“Investigators and experts should clearly justify their arguments and help the patients to understand to develop trust with the health care professionals.”
2. A policy for vexatious, baseless or unnecessary complaints27 “A screening tool so that complaints designed to waste time are thrown out early before the wheels are set-in-motion.”
3. Improved open dialogue with patients and supervising bodies23“Encouraging direct face-to-face contact and an open dialogue.”
4. More support for physicians during the process14“Have a confidential counsellor who was skilled in helping comes to terms with (and normalise) the feelings.”
5. Open, less formal approach11“The opportunity to review the situation with parents/ patients in person through a ‘mediation’ type process.”