Table 1

Progression model for the resistance training over 24 sessions

Exercise session1–23–67–1314–2122–24
Resistance training
15, 15
12, 12
12, 12, 12
10, 10, 10
8, 8, 8
 Exercise intensity*20 RM15 RM15 RM12 RM10 RM
Aerobic exercise—warm up†
 Exercise modeCycling/stairsCycling/stairsCycling/stairsCycling/stairsCycling/stairs
 Exercise intensity∼30–85% VO2-max: first low self-chosen intensity cycling or walking followed by either cycling intervals or continuous stair climbing at ≈80% VO2-max
 Exercise duration15 min15 min15 min15 min15 min
Aerobic exercise—training‡
 Exercise modeTreadmill and rowingTreadmill and rowingTreadmill and rowingTreadmill and rowingTreadmill and rowing
 Exercise intensity≈80% VO2-max≈80% VO2-max≈80% VO2-max≈80% VO2-max≈80% VO2-max
 Exercise duration6 min/500 m6 min/500 m6 min/500 m6 min/500 m6 min/500 m
  • *20 RM= the weight that can be lifted 20 times before repetition failure.

  • †Performed on a stationary bike or by climbing the stairs to the 23rd floor (560 steps).

  • ‡Walking or running on the treadmill depending on the fitness level. During ergometer rowing the patients try to set a new personal best on every occasion.

  • RM, repetition maximum; VO2-max, maximal oxygen consumption.