Table 1

Summary of the study visits

Screening visitRandomisation visitFirst telephone interviewFirst follow-up visitSecond telephone interviewSecond follow-up visitThird follow-up visitThird telephone interview
Gestation11–13 weeks11–14 weeks16 weeks19–24 weeks28 weeks32–34 weeks36 weeks30 days after the last dose of IMP
Patient information and characteristics
Informed consent
Measurement of weight and height
Measurement of MAP
Fetal ultrasound scan
Measurement of uterine artery PI
Measurement of PAPP-A and PlGF
Check concomitant medications
IMP dispensing
Ensure compliance
Check side effects/adverse events and review of diary card
Discontinue IMP
  • IMP, investigational medicinal product; MAP, mean arterial pressure; PlGF, placental growth factor; PAPP-A, pregnancy-associated plasma protein-A; PI, pulsatility index.