Table 2

Rheumatoid arthritis indicator categories for annotation

Main categoryExamples
Rheumatoid arthritis▸ Rheumatoid* (eg, rheumatoid lung, rheumatoid disease)
A diagnosis or sign of inflammatory arthritis▸ Polyarthritis
▸ Polyarthropathy
▸ Palindromic rheumatism
▸ Rheumatic arthritis
▸ Psoriatic or gouty arthropathy
▸ Arthritis or arthropathy linked to infection
Rheumatoid factor test
  1. Test done NOS

  2. Positive result

  3. Negative result

▸ Latex test
▸ Heterophile
▸ IgA agglutination test
▸ Rose-Waaler test
▸ Rheumatoid factor level
▸ RAHA test
Referral to rheumatology▸ Rheumatology disorder monitoring
▸ Rheumatology treatment change
▸ Rheumatology management plan given
▸ Under care of rheumatologist
DMARD prescription▸ Separate table given for drug names
Other arthritis symptoms or diagnosis▸ Allergic arthritis
▸ Transient arthropathy
▸ Unspecified polyarthropathy
▸ Unspecified monoarthritis
▸ Other specified arthropathy
▸ Arthritis NOS
Immune/inflammatory markers that are not specific to RA▸ Antinuclear factor
▸ Antimitochondrial autoantibody
▸ Antismooth muscle autoantibody
▸ Parietal cell autoantibodies
▸ Autoimmune profile
▸ Antiliver kidney microsomal antibody level
▸ Plasma C reactive protein
▸ Serum C reactive protein level
Joint pain or swelling symptoms
  1. Pain

  2. Swelling/inflammation

  3. Movement/stiffness

  4. Effusion

▸ Knee pain
▸ Joint abnormal
▸ Joint swelling
▸ Reduced joint movement
▸ Joint movement painful
▸ Joint stiffness
▸ Inflammation in the joint
▸ Movement limitation
▸ Joint pain
▸ Joint effusion
  • *Indicates a 'wildcard' character where any term beginning with the keyword stem would be accepted for the search.

  • Arthritis of the MCP is a distinguishing feature of rheumatoid arthritis.

  • DMARD, disease-modifying antirheumatic drug; IgA, immunoglobulin A; RA, rheumatoid arthritis; MCP joint, metacarpophalangeal joints.