Table 2

Baseline characteristics of ethnic groupings, by sex, age, socioeconomic, employment status and place of treatment

n (%)Male (%)Median age(IQR)Median IMD(IQR)Retired (%)Treated in London (%)
Participants138 878 (100%)46.968(59–75)14.2(8.5–24.3)63.013.4
 British115 875 (86.8)47.268(60–76)13.9(8.4–23.4)65.010.1
 Irish1094 (0.8)48.770(63–76)18.5(10.0–31.6)70.238.5
 Any other White background3277 (2.5)42.664(53–73)18.0(10.4–29.9)48.844.1
 African574 (0.4)39.757(48–67)32.5(20.0–44.2)30.169.3
 Caribbean908 (0.7)47.068(56–76)31.2(20.9–42.7)58.460.1
 White and Black African76 (0.1)40.861(50–68)27.0(14.4–38.9)38.844.7
 White and Black Caribbean123 (0.1)40.762(52–72)27.3(15.7–43.1)45.626.8
 Any other Black background313 (0.2)44.757(49–70)31.6(20.2–40.5)34.669.7
 Bangladeshi121 (0.1)56.354(45–64)38.2(22.2–51.8)25.564.5
 Indian1102 (0.8)43.463(53–72)20.4(12.4–31.8)45.244.9
 Pakistan424 (0.3)47.259(46–68)30.1(18.0–45.2)30.924.5
 White and Asian106 (0.1)35.957(48–67)17.8(8.2–28.6)31.433.0
 Any other Asian background603 (0.5)39.059(48–68)20.6(12.7–32.6)34.361.0
 Chinese281 (0.2)40.658(48–66)20.5(10.4–34.8)35.643.1
 Any other mixed background166 (0.1)36.156(47–67)20.5(12.5–29.5)31.038.0
 Any other ethnic group1088 (0.8)40.162(52–70)19.4(10.4–33.7)42.647.2
Unknown7322 (5.5)45.767(58–73)12.7(7.7–22.1)58.014.0
  • The IMD (2010) is the official statistic for neighbourhood-level deprivation in England and ranks each of the 32 482 neighbourhoods in order of deprivation. The IMD is a composite index comprising income, employment, health and disability, education skills and training, barriers to housing, crime and environmental metrics. It does not include ethnicity. It is based on the patient's registered address. In this analysis, the value provided for IMD is the median centile where a higher number indicates a higher level of deprivation.

  • IMD, Index of Multiple Deprivation.