Table 2


ReferenceModel nameDiscrimination (ROC)Calibration (H&L)Threshold (%)Sensitivity (%)Specificity (%)PPV (%)NPV (%)
Medical condition UHRs—cirrhosis only (2)
Singal et al59UnnamedDerivation cohort: 0.68
Validation cohort: 0.66
Volk et al60Cirrhosis readmission prediction model0.65
Medical condition UHRs—chronic kidney disease only (1)
Perkins et al61Unnamed0.792206973.438.390.9
Medical condition UHRs—HIV only (1)
Nijhawan et al62UnnamedDerivation: 0.72
Validation: 0.70
Medical condition UHRs—acute pancreatitis (1)
Whitlock et al63UnnamedDerivation cohort: 0.88
Validation cohort: 0.83
Surgical condition-related UHRs (6)
Taber et al64
30DRA with fixed variable0.63p=0.0611057.763.8
30DRA with fixed variable and dynamic clinical data0.731p=0.6031062.873.3
Lawson et al65Unnamed0.728
Iannuzzi et al66Endocrine surgery Readmission risk scoreDerivation cohort: 0.676p=0.083
Validation cohort: 0.646p=0.592
Mesko et al67UnnamedDerivation data set: 0.59
Validation data set: 0.59
Moore et al68Unnamed0.651Intercept, slope 0.000370; 1.0001
Graboyes et al69Unnamed0.85
Mental health condition-related UHRs (1)
Vigod et al70READMITDerivation data set: 0.631
Validation data set: 0.63
  • NPV, negative predictive value; PPV, positive predictive value; ROC, receiver operating characteristic.