Table 3

Summary of significant variables included in the predictive models for unplanned hospital readmissions (UHRs)

ReferenceModel nameAdmitting diagnosisAdmitting wardBlood transfusionBMIComorbiditiesComplications before dischargeDaily living scoreDemographic/socialDischarge dispositionDischarge hourEnvironmentGeneral anaesthesiaHealth insurance Index type of admissionInjury severity scoreLaboratory testsLength of stayPhysical examinationsPostoperative complicationsMedicationsNumber of previous admissionNumber of previous ED presentationsOverall prognosis Procedures at index admissionSubstances usageSymptomsUse of outpatient clinicVital signs
All-cause UHRs (14)
Escobar et al16ED 30 and Discharge 30
LACE index (validation)
Yu et al17Institution-specific prediction model
LACE index (validation)
Baillie et al18Prediction model
Choudhry et al12ACC Admission and Discharge Model
Gildersleeve and Cooper19Risk of Readmission Score (RRS)
Kruse et al20Unnamed
Shulan et al22Unnamed
van Walraven et al23LACE+ (validation)
Cotter et al13LACE index (validation)
Regression model
Khan et al24Rehospitalisation Risk Score
All-cause UHRs (14)
van Walraven et al26CMG score
LACE (validation)
Combined CMG and LACE
van Walraven et al27LACE+ (validation)
Combined CMG and LACE+
Cardiovascular disease-related UHRs including pneumonia (11)
Hebert et al15CHF model
PNA model
AMI model
Combined model
Iannuzzi et al28Vascular surgery readmission risk score
Keyhani et al29CMS-based Model
CMS-based Model plus social risk factors
CMS-based model plus social risk and clinical factors
Rana et al30EMR Model
Shahian et al31Unnamed
Shams et al32 PARs
CMS endorsed model (validation)
Sharif et al33Unnamed
Lucas et al34Complex all-variable model
Parsimonious readmission score
Wallmann et al35Unnamed
Wasfy et al36Risk score after PCI (parsimonious)
Krumholz et al37Claims model (administrative)
Medical record model
Cardiovascular disease-related UHRs including pneumonia—heart failure only (11)
Betihavas et al38Unnamed
Di Tano et al39Unnamed
Huynh et al40Non-clinical model
Clinical model
Combined model
Raposeiras-Roubin et al41The GRACE Risk Score
Sudhakar et al42
Readmission Risk Score
Fleming et al43Unnamed
Wang et al44LACE index (validation)
Eapen et al45Unnamed
Zai et al46The telemonitoring based readmission model
The psychosocial readmission model (validation)
Au et al47Charlson (validation)
CMS Krumholz (validation)
Keenan (validation)
LACE (validation)
LACE+ (validation)
Watson et al48The psychosocial readmission model
Cardiovascular disease-related UHRs including pneumonia—pneumonia only (2)
Mather et al49Hartford Hospital Model
CMS Model (validation)
Lindenauer et al50Claims model (administrative)
Medical record model
General medical condition UHRs (10)
Shadmi et al51PREADM
Tsui et al52Unnamed
Donzé et al (2014)53Unnamed
He et al54Unnamed
Taha et al55Readmission Risk Score (RRS)
Donzé et al (2013)14HOSPITAL score
Tan et al56LACE index (validation)
Billings et al11PARR-30
Zapatero et al57SEMI INDEX
Gruneir et al58LACE index (validation)
Medical condition UHRs—cirrhosis only (2)
Singal et al59Unnamed
Volk et al60Cirrhosis readmission prediction model
Medical condition UHRs—chronic kidney disease (1)
Perkins et al61Unnamed
Medical condition UHRs—HIV (1)
Nijhawan et al62Unnamed
Medical condition UHRs—acute pancreatitis (1)
Whitlock et al63Unnamed
Surgical condition UHRs (6)
Taber et al6430DRA with fixed variable
30DRA with fixed variable and dynamic clinical data
Lawson et al65Unnamed
Iannuzzi et al66Endocrine surgery Readmission Risk Score
Mesko et al67Unnamed
Moore et al68Unnamed
Graboyes et al69Unnamed
Mental health condition UHRs (1)
Vigod et al70READMIT
  • BMI, body mass index; ED, emergency department.