Table 2

Presence of core cross-cutting themes interpreted within the chronology for each study

ReferenceLossLoss of controlHopeNormalityTransitions
Haahr et al24*Yes (in Haahr et al26)YesYesYes†Yes
Haahr et al27YesYes†YesYesYes
Haahr et al26YesYesYesNot coveredNA‡
Gisquet19YesYes—core concept in paperYesYes†Yes
Ahlberg et al25Yes (but postsurgery loss associated with voice)Yes†YesYes†Yes
Hariz and Hamberg28Not coveredYesYesYes†Yes
Agid et al11YesNot coveredNot coveredYes†Yes
  • *Index paper from which mapping of the comparisons across the cohort of papers was undertaken. †Findings translated into those of other papers. ‡Paper focuses on predeep brain stimulation perspectives.

  • NA, not available.