Table 1

Adjusted means for estimated VO2 max (mL O2/min/kg) by sex and ethnic group

Mean estimated VO2 max (95% CI)
Ethnic group or subgroupnBoys (n=825)Girls (n=800)p (sex difference)Allp (ethnicity)*
All children162540.9(40.5 to 41.3)37.8(37.4 to 38.2)<0.000139.4(39.0 to 39.7)
White European42440.7(40.1 to 41.3)38.1(37.5 to 38.8)<0.000139.4(39.0 to 39.9)
South Asian40740.0(39.4 to 40.7)37.2(36.5 to 37.8)<0.000138.6(38.1 to 39.2)0.13
 Indian11139.6(38.5 to 40.7)36.2(35.0 to 37.5)<0.000137.9(37.1 to 38.8)
 Pakistani14739.9(38.9 to 40.9)37.2(36.1 to 38.2)<0.000138.6(37.8 to 39.3)
 Bangladeshi12140.6(39.4 to 41.8)37.5(36.5 to 38.5)<0.000139.1(38.2 to 39.9)
Black African–Caribbean41341.8(41.1 to 42.4)38.3(37.6 to 38.9)<0.000140.0(39.6 to 40.5)0.07
 Black African23042.4(41.6 to 43.2)38.4(37.6 to 39.2)<0.000140.4(39.8 to 41.0)
 Black Caribbean14840.8(39.9 to 41.8)38.3(37.3 to 39.3)<0.00139.6(38.9 to 40.3)
Other38141.0(40.4 to 41.7)37.7(37.0 to 38.3)<0.000139.4(38.9 to 39.9)
  • Adjusted for age quartiles, month, sex, ethnic group, an interaction between ethnic group and sex (except for analysis of all ethnic groups combined) and school (random effect).

  • South Asian other and black other subgroups are not included in the table; therefore, the numbers in the subgroups do not add up to the main ethnic group totals for South Asians and black African–Caribbeans.

  • *p Value for heterogeneity between ethnic subgroups within broader ethnic groups, that is, South Asian and black African–Caribbean.