Table 2

Prescriptions with high-risk abbreviations across three sources categorised according to whether they were preintervention or postintervention

Prescription sourceNumber of patientsIncidence*(%)Number of patientsIncidence*(%)IRD† (%)χ2 (df=1)
Hospital emergency wards (M/F emergency departments)4240.9 (90/220)3010.7 (15/140)73.837.756‡
Pharmacy department22072.7 (160/220)17839.3 (70/178)45.945.001‡
Inpatient settings22047.3 (104/220)18023.3 (42/180)50.724.479‡
Total48253.6 (354/660)38825.5 (127/498)52.492.517‡
  • *Incidence of high-risk abbreviation use calculated by using the equation:Embedded Image

  • †Incidence rate decrease (IRD) can be calculated byEmbedded Image

  • ‡p=0.001 (statistically significant at α=0.05).