Table 7

COSMIN criteria and CEFIT results for internal consistency

COSMIN questions for internal consistencyResponseRating
1. Does the scale consist of effect indicators, that is, is it based on a reflective model?YesExcellent
2. Was the percentage of missing items given?YesExcellent
3. Was there a description of how missing items were handled?Not necessary as noneExcellent
4. Was the sample size included in the internal consistency analysis adequate?YesExcellent
5. Was the unidimensionality of the scale checked? That is, was factor analysis or IRT model applied?YesExcellent
6. Was the sample size included in the unidimensionality analysis adequate?YesExcellent
7. Was an internal consistency statistic calculated for each (unidimensional) (sub)scale separately?NANA
8. Were there any important flaws in the design or methods of the study?NoExcellent
9. For CTT: Was Cronbach's α calculated?YesExcellent
10. For dichotomous scores: Was Cronbach's α or KR-20 calculated?NANA
11. For IRT: Was a goodness of fit statistic at a global level calculated? For example, χ2, reliability coefficient of estimated latent trait value (index of subject or item)NANA
Total ratingLowest score countsGood
  • CEFIT, Care Experience Feedback Improvement Tool; COSMIN, Consensus-based Standards for the Selection of Health Measurement Instruments; CTT, Classical Test Theory; IRT, Item Response Theory; KR-20, Kuder-Richardson Formula 20; NA, not available.