Table 2

Main presenting diagnosis by Read code chapter among preschool children attending the UCC

Age (years)<11 to <22 to <33 to <44 to <5Total
RankDiagnosis by Read code chapter% 
1Respiratory system diseases242627312927
2Infectious or parasitic diseases202115141117
3Injury and poisoning91618182216
4(D) Symptoms, signs, ill-defined conditions161099911
5Nervous system. sense organ disease91112121011
6Skin or subcutaneous tissue disease1076677
7Digestive system diseases423213
8Musculoskeletal or connective tissue123232
9Unspecified conditions (community terms)321222
10Genitourinary system diseases113232
11Additional Read chapter codes (where total <80)333233
  • UCC, urgent care centre.