Table 5

ORs for the association between being a live-donor kidney transplant recipient and socioeconomic deprivation

Measure of socioeconomic deprivationUnadjusted model
OR (95% CI)
Age, sex and ethnicity adjusted model
OR (95% CI)
IMD quintile* (n=38)1.48 (0.82 to 2.64) p=0.191.82 (0.90 to 3.69) p=0.10
Income† (n=22)1.98 (1.12 to 3.50) p=0.022.15 (1.13 to 4.08) p=0.02
Level of education‡ (n=34)2.16 (0.98 to 4.76) p=0.062.05 (0.88 to 4.79) p=0.10
Level of employment§ (n=20)1.65 (0.75 to 3.62) p=0.211.75 (0.70 to 4.34) p=0.23
  • *OR per increase in IMD quintile.

  • †OR per £500 increase in monthly household income.

  • ‡OR per increase in education level: no formal education/training; primary school; secondary school; vocational/technical/trade training; university undergraduate degree; university postgraduate degree.

  • §OR per increase in level of unemployment (excluding retirees, homemakers and full-time education).

  • IMD, index of multiple deprivation.